Monday, 21 November 2011

Long and Low Design with Mikardo Reed

Cracked china grass can look stunning amongst the tropical orchids and the mikado reeds.

British Florist Association Competition Vintage 'Catwalk' Wrist Corsage Awarded 3rd Place

Quirky for the catwalk this corsage is created to fit securely around the thumb.  Black midelino stcks are entwined and twisted to give the appearance a vintage lace effect.  Mighty moth orchids sit majestically to catch the eye.  This design gained 3rd place in the British Floral Association Competition-Birmingham 

Harrogate Spring Flower Competition Piece 2011

'Graduation'  A celebration of achievement.  An exotic themed bouquet comprising vibrant red and white anthurium, moluccella, ornitholgalum and the  long lasting aspidistra.  This design centres around the iconic image of the academic graduation ceremony where the mortar board and gown take centre stage.

Contemporary Wrist Corsage with Wire Copper

Copper wire base

Bejewelled, adventurous completed contemporary wrist corsage adorned with a single gloriosa.

Contemporary Button Hole

Felt lollipop mount with Akito rose, bud and veronica, finished off with a single wired pearl.

Tropical Long and Low Table Design

A tropical blast of manipulated palms and  exotic tropical flowers.    

Cake Tops

Cream roses with eucalyptus leaves.

A wedding cake is a very personal part of a special day.  Fresh floral cake tops are wonderful keepsakes to last a life time.  Guaranteed to look  beautiful.

Contemporary cake top with orchids, dracaena, plaited steel grass with additional delicate pearls.

Wrist Corsage

Wrist corsage with cymbidium orchid, euryngium, curled dracaena leaf and palm leaf.

European Linear Design

Craspedia, tall sticks with cracked steel grass

Edwardian Loose Open Posy (round)

Round posy consisting of roses, eryngium, fern, brunia and curled rose petals.

Funeral Designs

Sympathy Tributes form an emotional link between the living and the loss of loved ones.  Flowers bear an important role in the grieving process.  Designs have become more formal now reflecting today's lifestyle. 


Contemporary Cross

Single Ended Spray

Open Heart with seasonal and traditional flowers

Modern Cross

Grouped Woodland Wreath

Simple Table Design with Protea, Craspedia and Bear Grass

A quick and easy design which looks effective and colourful with minimal materials.  A large Protea,  bright yellow Craspedia with embellishments are fabulous for table centre pieces or placed anywhere.

Stralitzia with cracked steel grass

Minimal Contemporary Halloween Design

Splayed open chinese lantern.
Intense vibrating bright orange gerberas are mounted on twigs placed in small gourds. Randomly scattered gerbera petals are  rolled and placed around design creating a confetti  effect.

Contemporary Linear

Chrysanthemums and curls dominate this colourful, eyecatching 'reception' desk design.

Mothers' Day Handtie Bouquet

The most important and busiest day in the florist's calendar.  Mother's day evolved from the time when many people were in service and away from home.  On just one day a year they were allowed to visit their families-the fourth Sunday in Lent.  Traditionally small, dainty spring flowers are appealing for Mother's Day. Here is a grouped handtie containing Anemone, Veronica, Hyacinth and Dracaenia in a basket collar with added Midelino sticks and pearls.

Low table design

A burst of spring containing tulips, daffodils, hyacinths all within a frame of dog weed.

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Handtie with felt collar

Grouped Ranunculus with Dracena, Veronica, Bear Grass and Salal make up this felt collar wedding bouquet.

Body Adornment

Fresh Tuberosa, Hypericum and Oncidium are layed on a copper wire frame to make a floral bib

Shower Bouquet

The range of wedding designs require many skills at the fingertips of a florist.  Bridal bouquets must be carefully planned whether a simple affair or over the top, flowers and foliage must be perfect to withstand the rigours of the day!

Christmas wreath decorated with blue spruce, seaweed and pod.

Sturdy Christmas door wreath designed to last throughout the Advent period.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Vander Hair Comb

Comb headress with a contructed china grass base.  A single blue magic vanda orchid dominates one end of the comb with scattered lungi seeds. 

Contemporary Pew End

Pew end in foam, spring tulips, kentia palm and fearn finished with yellow felt.